Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chapter 8 of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire

Chapter 8: The ABC's of church
Attendance, Buildings, and Cash appear to have become the main focus of churches today. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with any of those three, to have an actual church entity those three things are very essential. It's when those three things become the main goal that there is a problem. From the very beginning Curt and I have said to each other that our goal is not to have some huge mega church, while yes worldly speaking we love that thought, we have no intention or desire for that. And again yes we do want to do church differently from the aspect of traditional church. We simply want to impact the community of Greenwood and to reach the growing lost and unchurched population of Greenwood. We could careless if that means we simply reach the lost and they go to other churches and we never actually grow as "Oasis Church". We honestly and simply only want to see the Kingdom of God grow. So yes attendance is important to Oasis, if that means that the unchurched and lost population is diminishing and that people are authentically seeking and coming to know Christ. And yes, buildings are important to Oasis, if that means the Kingdom of God is being built up. And yes cash is also important to Oasis, as Curt and I both need support financially in the coming months. We both have faith that God will equip us with what we need for our families and for Oasis Church. We do not want cash in a sense to meet some budget/goal requirements we have set for ourselves or for Oasis. If we don't meet those budgets/goals, then obviously that is not the direction God has for us, but we will continually have faith that he will provide and give us the tools nessecary to reach the lost.

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Johnna Moore said...

Continue to keep the faith! You're doing a great job Matt. Thanks for all your hard work. It's greatly appreciated