Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chapters 6 & 7 of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire

Chapter 6: Charge!
Are we running into the face of danger or are we retreating? On page 98 of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, Cymbala describes the passage of David and Goliath. Cymbala points out the fact that David doesn't run behind a rock or find cover to buy more time when Goliath advances on him. David ran to meet the GIANT head on! The idea of church planting may seem foolish sometimes, especially when there seems to be a church on every corner, but we have to meet the giant and ever growing unchurched population head on. We can't retreat and think that there are enough churches, we must press onward to reach the lost for Christ. Even when it appears all we have is a sling and five stones. As Cymbala says, " backed by prayer and his power, we can accomplish the unthinkable."

For some personal reflection, take some time to think about what God might be calling you to prayerfully and boldly accomplish for his kingdom. In what ways are you boldly, aggresively, and even militantly standing firm for Jesus?

Chapter 7: Old school vs New school
While I don't agree with some of what pastor Cymbala writes about in chapter 7, there are a few things that no christian should disagree on, THE GOSPEL. We cannot and must not lose sight of God's word. We must always present the Word as the truth and nothing less, no shortcuts and no revisions.

For personal reflection:
Another statement from chapter 7 that I agree with is when Cymbala states: "As a minister I firmly believe that I am not allowed to preach what is not in the bible."

How is this similar or different from the belief of other pastors, as evidenced by their preaching?
Do you believe this completely biblical focus should be an essential part of church life today?

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